Rinse interview photo

RINSE (from l-r): Josh Hassall (bass), Rick Hewitt (lead guitar), Josh Hollingworth (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ollie McNicholas (drums)


RINSE are a four-piece indie rock band from Stoke-on-Trent.

They have only been together for two years, but have already made a critically-acclaimed EP, played as support for groups such as The Horrors and Palma Violets, and have won over fans and critics alike with their diverse music.

No wonder Steve Lamacq of BBC 6 Music has tipped them to be one of this year’s breakthrough bands.

I spoke to lead vocalist Josh Hollingworth about Rinse’s past, present and future.

Firstly, how did the band get together?

We have all been mates for years. I, Rick and Ollie were in a band together before and that ended around the same time that Josh’s band split up, so we all got together and started RINSE.

How did you come up with RINSE for the band’s name?

When we first started, it took us a while to get a name to stick, because nothing seemed to sound right. There were a few we did like, such as Rain Babies, Scruffs, Womps, but I think Rick came up with RINSE and we liked the sound of it, so it stuck.

What are the band’s musical influences?

We all have quite a different taste in music really. I think this helps our sound as a band, as there is something in every one of our tunes that come from bands or artists who sound nothing like us.

What or who are the inspirations for your songs?

Anything and everything really. We write what comes naturally to us, so nothing ever seems forced. Some tunes can take us up to two or three months, whereas others we can smash in a night.

When writing your music, does it tend to be a team effort or is there one person in the band who likes to have creative control?

Most of the time, we all write as a collective, but some of our songs have been written by one member and we have added all of our own bits once it’s been brought into the studio.

What have you got lined up for the future?

We have a small tour coming up in May and June and another one in September, we’re playing a few festivals, releasing another single and maybe another EP.

Finally, how far would you like the band to go?

As far as we can get it really, it would be quality if we could pack in our jobs and just concentrate on doing the band.

YOU CAN HEAR RINSE’S MUSIC ON SOUNDCLOUD AT https://soundcloud.com/rinseuk


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