TONIGHT ALIVE – ‘Limitless’ (4/5)


Tonight Alive Cover


‘Limitless’, the third studio album from Australian rockers Tonight Alive, marks a departure from the emo/pop-punk sound which defined their first two offerings.

It has been seen by some as a huge creative risk by a group who have gained a solid fanbase with their angst-ridden music.

However, it seems to be a gamble that has paid off well.

Under the slick producing of David Bendeth, whose client list reads like a who’s-who of bands that have made it big over the past decade, there is a more polished sound.

Also, the overall vibe seems to be more upbeat and positive, right down to the vocal delivery, playing of the instruments and songwriting.

This is most evident in tracks such as ‘How Does It Feel?’ and ‘Human Interaction’, which best showcases the band’s musical evolution and growing maturity.

‘Limitless’ may result in a division of the fans, one half feeling they have sold themselves out by aiming for a wider audience with poppier compositions, the other half applauding them for being brave by embracing a change in style.

Whatever the viewpoint, vocalist Jenna McDougall said recently in an interview that Tonight Alive have had to evolve, because they have grown up now and it would be stupid to keep writing songs about being a teenager.

In conclusion, this album could have been a disaster for the band, but with their natural talent and more mature outlook on life, it has resulted in their best album yet.

TOP TRACK: ‘How Does It Feel?’


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