HACKTIVIST – ‘Outside The Box’ (4/5)


Hacktivist Cover


Having burst onto the scene in 2012 with their self-titled debut EP, Hacktivist’s first full-length studio album has been eagerly anticipated.

Well, now the wait is over and on listening, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The sound is mostly a blend of heavy metal and grime, with the heavy guitar riffs of Tim ‘Timfy James’ Beazley in harmony with the raps of vocalist Jermaine ‘J’ Hurley.

It shouldn’t work so well, but it does.

The Milton Keynes band is a young, openly political outfit, something that seems to be relatively rare in the music industry these days.

The frank lyrics act as an indicator to this, the majority of the tracks act as a criticism of governments and the super-wealthy.

‘False Idols’ attacks politicians who say they want to make a real difference, but in reality, are no different to their peers, while ‘No Way Back’ accuses those with wealth and power of destroying the world with their greed and corruption.

With this, Hacktivist issue a rallying cry to the listener to get out there and start a revolution, resulting in the ousting of the elite.

Other subjects are touched upon, ‘Deceive and Decay’ criticises reality TV contestants for searching for instant fame and fortune.

Tracks such as ‘Hate’ and ‘Outside The Box’ act as a thank you from the band to their fans for sticking with them, even when others said they would never make it.

Overall, it is a strong debut from a talented group, and will definitely appeal to those who are disgruntled with the modern world and where it is heading.

TOP TRACK: ‘Elevate’


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