THE CULT – Rock City, Nottingham, 29/02/16


The Cult photo

Rock legends The Cult rolled into Nottingham and shook the iconic Rock City venue to its foundations with an energetic performance.

The band were in the home of Robin Hood as part of a world tour, coinciding with the release of their tenth studio album ‘Hidden City’.

The venue was packed to the rafters with fans, some who have only discovered The Cult in recent years, others who have been followers since their debut ‘Dreamtime’ was released 32 years ago.

When the band entered the stage, an almighty cheer, rather akin to one at a football match, greeted them.

Frontman Ian Astbury resembled Gene Simmons with his all-black attire, tanned skin, most likely gained through years spent in the Californian sunshine, shoulder-length jet black hair and dark sunglasses.

Meanwhile, lead guitarist Billy Duffy almost had the physique of an Olympic weightlifter.

Both of them were on top form, Astbury released his inner Jim Morrison by strutting across the stage and confidently interacting with the audience, even taking the time to verbally attack Keith Richards for calling Black Sabbath ‘a big joke’.

Duffy let his guitar playing do the talking, even slightly smiling to himself when looking briefly at the audience, who were lapping it up.

The band played a diverse range of tracks, from the classics such as ‘Fire Woman’ and ‘She Sells Sanctuary’, through to some of their latest tunes.

Astbury and Duffy must have been pleased to see that the newer songs got just as positive a reaction from the audience as the greatest hits of their long careers.

By the time they drew to a close with ‘Love Removal Machine’, you could literally feel the buzz around the venue.

This gig showed that despite the fact that both Astbury and Duffy are both well into middle age now, they can still put on a show that some of the current bands, with members young enough to be their children, would find impossible to do.


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