BURY TOMORROW – ‘Earthbound'(4/5)

(Nuclear Blast)


Bury Tomorrow cover

Pure metalheads have always been apprehensive about Bury Tomorrow, deeming them to be too melodic.

It seems the Southampton metalcore group have taken this on board, if ‘Earthbound’, their fourth studio album, is anything to go by.

With ten tracks and a total running time of 36 minutes, a full thirteen less than their last offering, 2014’s ‘Runes’, it is the band’s shortest album to date.

Probably in order to accommodate this, everything is much heavier and faster-paced.

From the opening of the first track ‘The Eternal’, through to the conclusion of closer ‘Bloodline’, it is a non-stop express journey of thrashy riffs, pounding drum beats and screeching vocals.

On the subject of vocals, one of the most noticeable changes to the band’s sound is the development of Jason Cameron’s clean vocals, which are louder and grittier.

However, his vocal delivery retains its harmony, enabling it to still provide an alternative to the screaming of Dani Winter-Bates’ unclean vocals.
Overall, ‘Earthbound’ shows a band that has evidently matured and grown in confidence since ‘Runes’, which saw them began to be noticed outside their hardcore support.

This year sees Bury Tomorrow’s tenth anniversary, and it seems that all the hard graft, determination and experimentation over the last decade has resulted in this, their best album yet.

It may even finally gain them approval from the more extreme fringes of the metal community who have dismissed them in the past.

TOP TRACK: ‘Last Light’


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