BASEMENT – ‘Promise Everything’ (3/5)

(Run for Cover)


Basement Cover

Promise Everything’ marks the return of Ipswich alternative rock outfit Basement after a two-year break.

Their last album, 2012’s ‘Colourmeinkindness’ saw the band begin to move away from the grunge and emo that dominated their debut ‘I Wish I Could Stay Here’.

In this, they evolve even further, at least musically.

The angst-ridden lyrics, dealing with failed relationships and mental insecurities, remain at the core of Basement’s work.

However, tracks such as ‘Oversized’ and ‘Halo’ see them ditch their usual intense compositions in favour of a gentler and more melodic sound.

This allows frontman Andrew Fisher’s vocals, which seem to be sung straight from the heart, to take centre stage.

Any fans of the band who feel uneasy about this change in musical direction do not need to worry, as ‘Brother’s Keeper’ and the title track hark back to their roots, with heavy, fast-paced riffs dominating.

‘Aquasun’, which has to be the album’s highlight, is an accessible track, with a sound that blends the band’s old and new styles, as well as sing-along lyrics and an anthemic chorus, it is bound to become one of Basement’s signature tracks.

Overall, ‘Promise Everything’ has something for everyone.
The band experiment with some tracks, whereas others are rooted in their original sound.

It is clear that they are trying to appeal to a wider audience, however at the same time, they do enough to make sure they don’t alienate the fanbase they already have.

TOP TRACK: ‘Aquasun’


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