ROAM – ‘Backbone’ (3/5)



Roam Cover

‘Backbone’ is the debut album from Eastbourne pop-punkers ROAM.

It has been eagerly anticipated by the band’s growing fanbase, following the critical and commercial success of their EPs.

In a recent interview, the band said that they were using this album as an opportunity for evolution, by experimenting with ideas and developing their sound and song-writing.

Some of the tracks show them doing exactly this, for example, ‘Deadweight’, a collaboration with Set Your Goals frontman Matt Wilson, is their heaviest song to date, with an opening riff that wouldn’t look out of place on a thrash metal record.

Also, ‘Tracks’ sees them try their hand at being emotional, with self-critical lyrics and a slow, acoustic sound, it’s rather like listening to a much more talented version of One Direction.

However, the rest of the album sees the band playing it safe by reverting to a more stereotypical brand of pop-punk, with the tracks short and fast-paced and not sounding that much different to their peers on the scene.

This can be excused though, as the majority of groups tend to be cautious with their full-length debuts, withholding the more edgy material for the second or third album.

Overall, ‘Backbone’ is a solid introduction to a band which, with the talent they possess, will no doubt go on to join others such as Neck Deep and Moose Blood in placing themselves at the forefront of the new wave of British pop-punk.

TOP TRACK: ‘Deadweight’


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