PANIC! AT THE DISCO – ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ (2/5)

(Fueled By Ramen/DCD2)



Panic At The Disco Cover

‘Death Of A Bachelor’ is the fifth studio album from Nevada rock group Panic! At The Disco.

These days, P!ATD are a band in name only, having basically become a solo project of frontman Brendon Urie, and it does show.

He goes into each song with the best possible intentions, but having nobody to bounce ideas off anymore, Urie seems to have thrown around an assortment of differing musical styles and hoped for the best.

For example, the opening track ‘Victorious’, and the closer, ‘Impossible Year’, see Urie try to emulate Queen and Frank Sinatra, but it falls short of the mark.

Urie’s Sinatra impression sounds more like a parody than a tribute, while ‘Victorious’ does not have the musical and lyrical depth that made ‘We Are the Champions’ such a great song.

Other tracks, such as ‘LA Devotee’, start off promisingly, but eventually fall flat.

However, ‘Hallelujah’, which sees a welcome return to a more classic P!ATD sound, is by far the highlight of the album.

Listening to this has confirmed for me that the real creative genius behind P!ATD was former lead guitarist Ryan Ross, and that they have been much poorer for his absence.

If Ross was still around, with his talent for riffs and lyrics, this could have been an entertaining listen, however, the overall result of ‘Death of a Bachelor’ is a confusing mess, with more misses than hits.

TOP TRACK: ‘Hallelujah’


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